The CDA announces CLOUD.GOV win

The Continuous Delivery Alliance, an alliance of industry expert companies, is proud to announce selection by the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Technology Transformation Service (TTS) to support and improve its platform.

“By aligning industry experts, we have proven that we can bring the best skills and experience to the Government” says Steve Greenberg, founder of Resilient Scale. “This is in stark contrast to traditional government contracting which is dominated by price battles and often results in substandard, outdated delivery. It is an incredible testament to the team to compete and award a contract based on expertise and what is truly best for the Government.”

The platform, built on Cloud Foundry’s open source ecosystem, allows development teams to focus on products that serve their agency’s mission without the need to manage underlying server infrastructure or overspend on compliance. This contract will continue to support’s operational readiness, security posture and compliance support, while expending platform capabilities.

“The cloud native landscape, dominated by kubernetes, is filled with confusion and distraction” says Tammer Saleh, CEO of SuperOrbital. “We are excited to work as part of the team to tackle this complexity and bring simplicity and proven results to government customers.”

About the Continuous Delivery Alliance

The Continuous Delivery Alliance brings together deep expertise in technology and government contracting. Together we offer unparalleled expertise in technologies including Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, GCP and practices like continuous integration/delivery and DevSecOps []. The Alliance is:

  • Resilient Scale, a preeminent cloud-native consultancy focused on scaling customer capability and expertise through collaborative consulting and immersive engineering [].

  • SuperOrbital transforms companies through Kubernetes engineering and training [].

  • Stark & Wayne is the nation’s premier cloud-native consulting and engineering firm, as well as a major contributor to the open source Cloud Foundry community [].

  • TechFlow’s mission is to transform the way government operates through digital transformation and systems modernization with over 20 years of experience with DoD, DHS, GSA, USDA, HHS and other Government organizations and commercial clients [].