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a new age of agility for the public sector

The Continuous Delivery Alliance aims to address the digital services and technology needs of federal, state and local governments from contracting through implementation.

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Why an Alliance?

Government processes and tools are antiquated and rigid, preventing public service providers from adapting to the expectations of the customers they serve. Our goal is to make real practitioners of modern technology accessible to government.

By pooling our collective expertise from contracts to cloud platforms, we can work together to make expert services available to the public sector.


Our years of experience simplify contracting and allow us to iterate to reduce contracting and onboarding time

Organizational Transformation

From culture and process to tools, we work with customers to adopt modern practices and achieve their full potential

Cloud Technologies

We are experts in all major cloud platforms as well as cutting edge technologies like Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes

Agile Development

We instill proven agile practices that work, enabling your organizations to develop and iterate faster and more effectively

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The CDA announces CLOUD.GOV win

The Continuous Delivery Alliance, an alliance of industry expert companies, is proud to announce selection by the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Technology Transformation Service (TTS) to support and improve its platform.

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